Path of Glory

What is the Path of Glory?

Path of Glory is my personal journey through life and entrepreneurship.  It embodies my thoughts and opinions at the time of writing and signifies my forward momentum on this Earth.  As we are all heroes in our own story, this path is my character’s journey to the highest levels of achievement, enlightenment and success.  This journey is often fraught with obstacles, dangers, and harsh learnings.  As I rise higher, I begin to question more the things I know, the things I thought I knew, and the hidden truths behind every perceived reality.  As such, it is also an ironic title, as I do not truly seek the vainglorious rewards of many who travel down a similar road, but I love to jab at those who do.

Path of Glory is my quest to be all that I can be. It’s about leveling up and reaching new heights that I can be proud of, it’s liking who I am and what I’ve become and sharing the wisdom I’ve learned along the way.  It might also just be an output for anger, rage, and hatred, the true fuel of entrepreneurship™.

Where did the name come from?

Path of Glory is one of my favourite songs by Demons & Wizards and it has stuck with me throughout the ages.


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