What I Do

Hi, my name is Ivan.  I’m the guy who made this site, you can read up on the why right here!

For those of you who know me, or for those who feel they do from reading my content or following me online, I wanted to take the time to explain my current state in life.

I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a creator, I’m a doer.

Right now, I’m in-between startups.  I’m looking for that next opportunity that will sweep me off my feet and get me up at 5am everyday.  It’s been a long journey so far with many learnings, most of which have made me much wiser to what I want to do and more importantly to what I’m willing to do and who with.

I’ve spent many years trying to crack the consumer nut, trying to scratch my own itch, trying to make money where there is naught.  I’ve struggled through the ups and downs, the loneliness, the gut punches, and the people.  The posers, the peers, the players, and the passionate ones.  I’m ready to do the next thing and I want to do it now, but patience is a virtue granted only through diligence and sheer will power (read: enough kicks to the nuts).  I’m done with just jumping on the train and I know it’s time to think before picking the track and learning whether the station is even ahead.  Hell, having the station ready to receive me and the passengers I’ve booked is even better.

I’m looking to do another startup.

For those who are looking to do a startup, take a business to the next level, spin something out, and who are looking for someone whose spent a lot of time trying to do it from every headpiece in the hat box, I can help.  As a solo founder, I’ve had no choice but to cover it all, coding included.  I can bring to the table the wisdom of two startups, hiring, firing, raising money, day to day, administrivia, technology, throwing it all out and starting again, marketing, hope, failure.

I can do it all, but if you had to pick something I can really bring to the table for you, it can be either as a CTO or CEO.  Let’s talk and make something happen, I’m ready to drive myself and whoever comes with me to success, I’m just looking for the right vehicle to do it in.  If the car has wheels and the passengers are great, then let’s fucking roll.

I need to pay the bills and I’ve got value to add.

While my dreams are to continue running my startup life, I haven’t hit my big success yet and still have to pay my day to day to survive.  I’m lucky enough to have a versatile and in-demand skill set that I’m happily willing to put to work for you!  I spent a lot of time working as a developer to make my dreams come alive.  I’m a full stack .NET developer with lots of experience building complex custom solutions on both AWS and Azure.

I’m currently running Strattenburg Consulting, so if you’ve got a project that needs doing and want someone experienced in not only just the development aspect, but someone whose had to consider every adjacent angle, and who is willing to put his experience forward in that regard, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’d love to chat about how I can help you achieve what you need to get done or help you figure out how to take it to the next level.  I’m always available to talk and I’ll let you know what I think, if it’s something I can help you out with, and if not, I can try and pass you along to someone who can!

Want to chat? Send me an email!

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